Yoni Steam including Yoni Pops


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– Yoni Steams (V -Steams) are a great way to cleanse and restore the womb.
– Herbal Womb Steam Includes custom herbal womb tea

Includes 2 Yoni Pops to insert after session is finished or to take home.

Yoni Pop benefits:
•Having odor/PH concerns?
•Experiencing dryness or vaginal atrophy?
•Want tighter vaginal walls?
•For odorless & tighter vaginas
•No odor after bathroom use
•No after sex odor
•Enhances love making
•Excellent to use at the end of menstrual cycle
•Excellent for women on Pescatarian diets
•Excellent for constant yeast infections or BV
•Relief from Herpes outbreaks
•Relief from Hemorrhoids
•Results within 4-6 hours
•Effects can last for about 30 days
•Only 1-4 capsules needed per month
**Natural ingredients:Celtic, Bamboo, other sea salts, and vegetarian capsules**

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