Matia has partnered with those in need of a reset to develop efficient and organized spaces through her business, A Sorted Space, for over 15 years, using her organizational talent to provide people with a clutter-free space, which helps lead to clutter-free minds.

As the Wellness Coordinator and a community cultivator at Space by Wholistic Grace, she uses that same talent to give attention to the needs of the business. She works to create delightful client care experiences and aids in managerial support, ensuring and enhancing the smooth operations of Space by Wholistic Grace through administrative assistance.

Elevating self-care, Matia became a client of Rachel’s at Space by Wholistic Grace Summer of 2019. After her first visit, she felt at home and knew Space by Wholistic Grace would be a part of her wellness journey. She was able to see and experience firsthand how catering to the body benefits the mind and soul.

For that reason, Matia is thrilled to be a part of the Grace family. As an advocate for holistic wellness, studying to become a doula, she believes in learning from Rachel’s approach to providing services that support internal well-being. She seamlessly aligns with Matia’s desire to help declutter people’s lives and wants to work with Rachel to give people a holistic experience internally and externally. We must take care of our body, mind, and environment to live our lives fully. It’s a Wholistic thang!